Memberships technical overview [Early Adopter]


Memberships allows merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration to build a membership experience that creates a stronger relationship with customers while generating a predictable recurring revenue stream.


  • Shopify Checkout Integration store
  • Shopify Plus subscription (implementing membership benefits requires Shopify scripts)
  • Memberships beta flag on Recharge store (enabled by Recharge admin)

Memberships core objects

Membership program
A membership program contains the configuration details for the merchant's membership program. These details also include:

  • Shopify customer tag names that will be applied to active and inactive members of a program
  • Shopify segment names that will be created for active and inactive members making it easier for merchants to leverage customer segmentation in their Shopify storefront.
  • A Shopify order tag will be applied to orders placed by active members

Membership program condition
A membership condition defines the membership product that customers will purchase on the merchant's storefront to enroll in a membership program and how often they will be charged.

A membership object defines a customer's enrollment in a membership program.

Memberships API

Merchants can leverage our new Membership API to build a custom membership experience within the account area of their storefront. To learn more about the API, follow the links below.

Membership benefits

Membership benefits require some customization to the merchant's storefront including Shopify Scripts.

Below you will find resources to assist with implementing various membership benefits.

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