Getting started with the Recharge API

The Recharge API lets you use subscription functionality with your existing e-commerce tech stack or platform of choice.

You can use the Recharge API to seamlessly display Recharge subscription options on any front end to process checkout and send orders.

Recharge offers a robust integration that allows you to add subscriptions and advanced billing on your ecommerce platform. With Recharge's architecture you can start with a simple initial integration and then move onto advanced API-based customizations when it fits your business.

Implementing custom updates, such as building your own customer portal or modifying code, requires advanced developer knowledge. These customizations are beyond the scope of support provided by Recharge



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Recharge offers a comprehensive solution for managing your subscription products. You can easily sync product data between Recharge and your external catalog via API or through the intuitive merchant portal.

Recharge lets you add products effortlessly, whether it's through manual input or automated API integration. Once added, your products are seamlessly accessible through Recharge, enabling you to manage subscription plans. With our robust API capabilities, you can easily access your product data from Recharge, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your operations.


Recharge provides product data via the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize your storefront for subscription prucjases and management. You can build a custom widget, and showcase product details directly on your storefront. You have access to a comprehensive JSON object through the CDN, which contains product information and your Recharge storefront settings.

You can use this data to create dynamic product pages, making it easy for your customers to purchase the subscriptions they need. Recharge also offers the flexibility to choose between using the CDN, or integrating via the API, ensuring you have access to the solution that best fits your needs.


The checkout is a crucial step to creating a seamless customer experience as well as ensuring your customers subscription purchases are processed correctly. There are three different ways to integrate your headless checkouts into Recharge:

  • Use the Recharge hosted, fully PCI-compliant checkout environment
  • Utilize Recharge's Checkouts API to create your own checkout environment
  • Own the checkout process and sync subscription information back to Recharge after you've processed a checkout via an external system using a third-party checkout

Backend processing

Recharge provides an extensive webhook system that allows you to subscribe to different events that take place throughout a customer’s subscription lifecycle. You can use webhooks to listen for specific events in the Recharge system, like a customer checking out, refund requests, or order injections, and then take action on these events.

Merchant portal

The Recharge merchant portal lets you configure your store's settings and manually edit customers, subscription products, and more.

Customer portal

The Recharge customer portal is where customers interact with their Recharge subscriptions and alter them at their convenience. They can edit subscription frequency, view purchase history, updating billing information and more.

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