Submitting an order to your external system

This guide covers how you can receive subscription or prepaid orders and push the order to your external system.



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After Recharge processes a subscription or checkout, the system will fire several webhooks you can use to sync the order to your external system.

Your system should listen for the following events:

  • order/created
  • order/processed
  • order/updated

1. Receive order/created webhook

Once an order is processed, the order/created webhook will fire. If you receive a payload with STATUS == "SUCCESS", this means you've successfully charged the customer and an order was created in the Recharge system.

2. Push order to external system

After you complete step one and confirm the order, sync the order to your external system. The webhook payload from the order/created event contains the data your application needs to construct an order for your external system, including billing, product, and customer information.

3. Update order in Recharge

Once you've pushed an order to your external system, you should update the Recharge order record with external order IDs.

The following properties should be updated:

  • external_order_id: This is the platform database unique order ID (ie. 92812948).
  • external_order_number : - A customer-friendly order ID, (ie. 101)



Depending on the platform being used, only one ID may exist for both properties.

Example update Recharge order
PUT to /orders/:recharge_order_id

 "external_order_id": "<platform_order_id>",
 "external_order_number": "<platform_order_number>"

Processing prepaid orders

The workflow for syncing prepaid subscription products to your external system differs from syncing regular subscription orders. With prepaids, customers are paying up front for multiple shipments.

1. Receive order/created OR order/processed webhook

When a prepaid order is successfully created and you receive either the order/created or order/processed webhook, confirm STATUS == "SUCCESS". This indicates the order was created in Recharge successfully.

Initial and subsequent orders
For a prepaid order, order/created webhook indicates it is the first order of the prepaid and the order/processed webhook indicates it is a subsequent order of the prepaid to be fulfilled later.

2. Create order in external system

As with step two for normal subscription orders, your application should consume the payload for the order/created webhook and transform, then push, the data to your external system.

3. Update the Recharge order

See step three above for updating the Recharge order record.

4. Update the charge in Recharge

Because this is a prepaid order, you must also update the Charge record with the external_order_id.

Example update charge

PUT to /charges/:recharge_charge_id

  "external_order_id": "<platform_order_id>"

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