Using passwordless login for custom customer portals



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Before you start

With passwordless login, customers can access their customer portal without needing to sign into their Shopify account. To sign in, customers receive a secure four-digit code via email and SMS. In addition, Shopify Plus merchants can use Multipass with this feature.

We recommend using Recharge's JavaScript SDK to enable passwordless login for custom customer portals.

Set up the SDK

Before adding passwordless login to your customer portal, you must set up the JavaScript SDK. For setup instructions, see Script Setup.

Set up passwordless login

To add passwordless login to your customer portal, you must implement the following:

  • sendPasswordlessCode - Use this method on your customer portal login page, where customers enter their email addresses. This method works by capturing the customer's email address and sending the customer a four-digit code to their phone number and/or email to verify their account. See sendPasswordlessCode for more information.
  • validatePasswordlessCode - Use this method on the page where customers enter their four-digit code and verify their account. Once the customer enters their code, they are redirected to their customer portal. See validatePasswordlessCode for more information.

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