Using platform data to store subscription information

Enhance the customer experience and streamline the subscription purchase process using your existing ecommerce platform.

Use your existing ecommerce platform to store subscription information such as frequency and discount pricing.



  • Custom

Step 1 - Integrate with Recharge via API

Use the Recharge API to pull subscription plan information into your preferred data store, typically your ecommerce platform, or a Product Information (PIM) tool.

See the Recharge API Reference for additional details.

Step 2 - Push data to the relevant pages

Ensure that your subscription data is pushed to the necessary pages to enable customers to purchase subscription products. This typically includes:

  • Product page: Display subscription options and details
  • Customer portal: Present subscription opportunities and management options
  • Cart page: Show subscription pricing and options.
  • Checkout page: Finalize subscription details and pricing

Step 3 - Review the common front-end functionality

Review the Understanding common front-end functionality guide to evaluate your data against the common front-end functionalities. Confirm that:

  • The subscription options are presented
  • Users can select and modify their subscription preferences
  • Changes to subscription options, pricing, and frequency are reflected in real time based on customers' selections

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