Widget commands

This guide explains the different functionalities of the JS Subscription Widget.

Widget commands are a set of developer tools that let you preview and test the JS subscription widget. Commands let you change the widget template or preview the widget before publishing it in a store. Recharge is working to expand the functionality of widget commands, and will continually update this article with new commands.



  • Shopify Checkout Integration or Migrated Shopify Checkout Integration stores using a Shopify 1.0 theme

Run widget commands

There are two ways to run widget commands:

  • Through a query parameter
  • Through the console

Passing commands via query parameter

You can pass the command options via query parameter by appending the widget commands to the store URL.

Example with base product

Example with variant

Passing commands via console

  1. Open the browser JavaScript console
  2. Invoke the Recharge browser object and command module and pass in the template commands as arguments.

window.ReChargeWidget.command('rcTemplate', ‘radio_group’);

Commands reference

CommandDescriptionHas console command?Options
rechargeDisplays the widget on a product display page (even if it is unpublished)Notrue
rcTemplateChanges the displayed templateNoradio, radio_group, 'button_group, checkbox`

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