Setting up a quarterly subscription

This guide provides general guidance on how to configure a quarterly subscription on fixed X day of Y-th month

Quarterly subscriptions are possible with Recharge if the product price does not change.



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Configure a quarterly subscription

To have a quarterly subscription, you need to set up the subscription with the following parameters:


With this set-up the subscription is scheduled to charge the customer AND create an order every quarter. Every time a transaction is charged for the customer, the system will automatically calculate the next charge date when the current pending charge is processed and create a new charge scheduled for April 1st.

The tricky thing with such use-cases is when a customer initially subscribes on a date that is not on the 1st of the proper month. (ie. they subscribe on the February 2nd ).

This case requires the usage of both Recharge and Shopify API. As the initial order is instantly passed to Shopify, there is no way to cancel it from Recharge side. This is something you would need to utilize Shopify API for.

If you are okay with an order being shipped on February 2nd, you could simply realign the rest of the orders for that subscription. This method is easier to implement as the Shopify API is not needed (but you would need to calculate the closest valid 1st of the month and /set_next_charge_date to that date).

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