Available front-end objects for the Recharge Checkout on BigCommerce



  • Recharge Checkout on BigCommerce


The RCAInterface object contains functions you can use to perform tasks such as retrieving cart data, store settings and more.

RCAInterface Object

adapter: {getAdapterBackendSettings(){}},
bigcommerce: {convertWordpressCart(){}, getWordpressCurrentCart(){}},
cart: {cartTotal(){}, itemPrice(){}, hasSubscription(){}},
checkout: {createPayload(), performCheckout()},
localeMessages: {en: {…}},
recharge: {getRechargeSettings(){}, getRechargeTempToken()},
settings: {adapterSettings()},
subscription: {addSubscription(), getSubscriptions(), updateSubscription(), removeSubscription(), addProductToSubscriptions()}


The RCA_Product_data object contains information about all products in a store, including:

  • The BigCommerce product ID
  • Tax class ID
  • weight
  • Subscription interval information
  • Any discounts applied to the subscription


    "id": 113,
    "weight": 1,
    "variants": [
        "id": 81,
        "weight": 1,
        "tax_code": null,
        "tax_class_id": ""
    "discounts": [],
    "subscriptions": [
        "discount_amount": 5,
        "discount_type": "percentage",
        "charge_interval_frequency": 30,
        "order_interval_unit": "day",
        "storefront_purchase_options": "subscription_and_onetime",
        "expire_after_specific_number_of_charges": null,
        "order_interval_frequency_options": [
    "tax_code": ""


The RCA_STORE_DATA object contains the following:

  • The store URL as it's stored in Recharge.
  • The store hash for your store, which is its unique identifier on BigCommerce.
  • Your store's unit of measurement as set in Recharge.


{"rc_domain": "tarek-bc.mybigcommerce.com", "hash": "5ig8b3hcgj", "weight_units": "KGS"}

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