Adding the Recharge subscription widget to a BigCommerce theme

Learn how to add the subscription widget to unsupported themes.

The Recharge widget is comprised of a CSS element that populates subscription functionality onto the product page. Add the Recharge subscription widget to any BigCommerce theme by following these steps.



  • Recharge Checkout on BigCommerce

Updating an unsupported theme

  1. Navigate to the store's Theme Files.

  1. Locate the product page template file. This file is often found under the templates > components > products directory.

  2. Add the class rca-subscription to a <div> that you would like to use as the anchor for the Recharge Subscription selection widget.



Adding the "rca-subscription" selector to a div will override its contents.

  1. Save and apply the theme files and you will see the Recharge subscription widget on product pages.

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