Storefront API and JS SDK

With storefront access, the Recharge JS SDK was created to offer full coverage of common needs and uses the storefront API to improve the developer experience.

Using the Storefront API, access the Recharge API using browser-safe tokens that can be called directly from the storefront without the use of middleware. Recharge will automatically scope permission to the specific customer, filter out information customers should not see, and inhibit customers from operations for admins.

Benefits of the JS SDK

Visit the Recharge Storefront Client Developer Docs to view guides for using the Storefront API and JS SDK.

Benefits of using the JS SDK include:

  • Reduce the complexity and cost of the build.
  • No need to learn a new API and is fully typed, with auto-complete and debugging capabilities.
  • Supports development in custom applications such as customer portal, custom bundles, and product pages.
  • Pre-made functions such as authentication, data fetching, and streamlining store operations.
  • Enables JS only integrations with the Shopify storefront such as Shopify Hydrogen apps, React apps, and other up and coming technology frameworks.

Create a Storefront API token

To create a Storefront API token:

  1. Select Apps from the merchant portal.
  2. Click API tokens, then select Create a Storefront API token.
  3. Enter Token nickname and Contact email, then click Save to generate token.

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