Recharge API values

Recharge aims to provide an intuitive, consistent, and stable API that abstracts away the complexity of subscription commerce for merchants and partners on any ecommerce platform.

Recharge aims to provide clear and consistent interfaces, which reduce the time, challenge, and cost of integrating Recharge with administrative and subscriber-facing interfaces. This is done by ensuring that the Recharge API uses industry-standard terminology and formatting.

Recharge will not release new versions of the Recharge API in any particular cadence. We will create a new version only if we believe that the current version constrains our ability to provide more and/or better features to you.

We believe in dogfooding. Recharge’s checkout, merchant portal, customer portal, and support tools use the Recharge API. We do this for three key reasons:

  • Continuous monitoring, feedback and iteration - by using the API continuously for our own development we are able to detect and fix potential issues and inefficiencies earlier.
  • Confidence and trust in what we build - We would not expect developers to build on a product we don’t use ourselves.
  • Consistency and continuity - we expect merchants to grow with us and we want to empower that growth. Using the API for our services as well as offering it to our users means they can decide where to start customizing their setup without worrying about inconsistencies or drastic refactoring of their tech stack.

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