Understand the different checkout options available for building a custom subscription experience.



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The checkout is a crucial step to creating a seamless customer experience, allowing customers to purchase your subscription products successfully. There are three different ways to integrate your custom checkout with Recharge:

  1. The Recharge-hosted checkout
  2. A self-hosted checkout
  3. A third-party checkout

Recharge-hosted checkout

Recharge recommends using the Recharge Checkout as it is the easiest and fastest way to integrate the customer experience into Recharge. Using the Recharge Checkout involves minimal API calls when creating a checkout object, and ensures customers are redirected to the right Recharge-hosted Checkout for order processing.

See Recharge-hosted checkout to get started.

Self-hosted checkout

Leverage Recharge's Checkouts API for more granular control over the customer's checkout experience. This option allows you to create any checkout flow you need.

See Self-hosted checkout to get started.

Third-party checkout

Use Recharge's third-party checkout option if you handle the initial checkout yourself. With this method you can add the customer, address, and subscription information to the order after the customer completes the checkout flow.

This method allows you to own the initial checkout through your third-party ecommerce platform, and Recharge only processes all the recurring subscription purchases.

See Third-party checkout to get started.

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